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It is the magic Storytellers, Entertainers, Teachers, Preachers, Sages and Speakers use to connect to their audiences. Story Magic can take us away from the "here and now" where we are limited by ourselves and conditions.

A straightforward listing of facts is rarely interesting to people. The magic of story engages a listener's mind and heart in those very same facts. The listener to a story becomes spellbound. Stories makes facts make sense.

James will use the power of Story Magic to engage your audience as they are invited to absorb, understand and, most importantly, to really care!

Bring the compelling eloquence of JamesStoryMagic to your next event.


Storytelling reveals meaning without commiting the error of defining it.
Hannah Arendt

Without Story, information is nothing but a lot of bricks lying about waiting for someone to make constructive use of them.
Aidan Chambers



The best storyteller I've heard since Andy Griffith.
Joanne Stewart
Tri-City Medical Center

James has entrtained the oldest to the youngest . . . his performances are as educational as they are entertaining.
Robert Undheim
Teacher and Odin of the Fish Club Odin



I can't thank you enough ... Your message was relevant and enjoyed by all in attendance. As you know, Service Excellance is a very important concept to all of us here. I think you inflamed the imaginations of the new employees who saw you perform and "gently teach" concepts that are at the very heart of who we are as an organization.
Loren Pope
Service Excellence Coordinator,
Tri-city Mdeical Center

You presentation was well-organized and interesting.
Eduardo Garcia
Arts Educator



He is a wordsmith who continues to reflect on his craft. I look forward to being mesmerized by seeing him in action again soon.
Roger I. Burgraff, Ph.D.
Public Speaker/Seminar Leader

GREAT - what an inspiration!
Cynthia Zatjac
Registered Nurse.