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James Nelson-Lucas is a storyteller, actor, public speaker, workshop leader, improvisational performer, magician, chef, musician, dancer, clown, writer, producer, and director. He now brings all these talents, skills, and experiences together in James Story Magic.

James brings a wide variety of theatrical talents as well as business and life experiences to his storytelling and professional speaking. James truly wears many hats. He has been performing on stage since he was six years old and has a wide variety of performing talents and educational skills to draw from.

He has been performing Story Magic long before he knew what it was. James comes from a very theatrical family full of actors, dancers, writers, and artists. It was quite natural for young James, his sister and cousins, to perform amateur theatrics at family gatherings. Whether it was a passion play, a reenactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, or just acting out the Sunday funnies, James and his cohorts were bringing stories to life.

James has nurtured that love of entertaining and educating over the years, graduating from amateur theatrics to legitimate Story Theatre as the founder of The Patchwork Players Story Theatre.

Luckily for his audiences, his youthful passion remains. Combine that with his broad range of experiences and talents and you have one enthusiastic and unique speaker and performer.

James is a member of the National Storytelling Network, the South Coast Storytelling Guild, and the Storytelling in Organizations Group.

He has studied Drama, Voice, Film and Video Production at Palomar College, Communications at California State University, San Marcos, and is a Certified Service Excellence Advisor by Custom Systems Learning College.

His diverse background gives him a deep understanding of the nature of stories and how to tell them.

James engages his audiences with passion and energy, creating unforgettable programs for all ages. James' performances are full of wild physicality and a wide range of voices and accents that paint vivid characters to the delight of his audiences.

He has performed everywhere from churches to corporate settings, from private parties to street theater, to the legitimate stage. He tells tales from historic to humorous, folk to fantastic, educational to entertaining.


James is dynamic!
Joseph Parker
Clinical Manager,
Tri-City Medical Center